Skamolex Set
£140.00inc. VAT

Skamolex Set Music Collection

Not including Baffle Plate.

Skamolex Set Mk1 Music Collection Identifying characteristics: The distance from the bottom burn plate to the bottom of the baffle is 120mm. There is also a metal bar between the lower burn plate and the smoke plate.

Please make sure you have the right set before ordering.

Bimetallic Spiral Sensor, Inc. Axle
£29.81inc. VAT

Biomatalic Spiral Sensor Hwam Automatic System

Black Paint, 400ml
£19.60inc. VAT
Only available to UK customers!

Hwam paint, black, Grey or White, single tin 400ml, for stoves manufactured up to 01/02/2019

please let us know which you require.

Air Wash Control Knob
£30.74inc. VAT

Hwam Beethoven Air Wash Control Knob, Music collection.

Skamolex Baffle Mk2 Music collection
£67.20inc. VAT

Skamolex Baffle Mk2, Music Collection 

Handle Set Art Collection
£52.27inc. VAT
Glass Set (Music Collection)
£187.00inc. VAT

This set contains glass and glass seal for Hwam Music collection. (Not Chopin) 

Door & Ashpan Seal Set Music Collection
£34.48inc. VAT

Door and Ash Pan Rope Seal Set Music Collection

Glass Seal Set Music Collection
£29.81inc. VAT

Glass seal kit for the Hwam music range of stoves including locking washers

Vivaldi Mozart Ravel Beethoven

Grate, Rigid
£54.13inc. VAT

Grate for Hwam 30 and passionate collection, rigid

Skamolex Smoke Plate (baffle)
£66.27inc. VAT

Skamolex Back Plate (baffle)
Skamolex Mk1 baffle plate. 

Skamolex Set Music Collection Mk2 & 3100 Series
£94.27inc. VAT

Skamolex Set for Music collection & 3100 Series

Identifying Characteristics (Music collection only): Produced after March 2007, The rear brick is 180 mm tall with air slots machined into it. 

Please check which set you require before ordering.    

Secondary Combustion Air Channel
£61.08inc. VAT