Bimetallic Spiral Sensor, Inc. Axle
£33.29inc. VAT

Biomatalic Spiral Sensor Hwam Automatic System

Black Paint, 400ml
£26.00inc. VAT
Only available to UK customers!

Hwam paint, black, Grey or White, single tin 400ml, for stoves manufactured up to 01/02/2019

please let us know which you require.

Glass, Outer Side, Hwam 2600 series
£84.00inc. VAT

Glass outer side, 2600 series

Including gasket single piece, clips and screws

Glass, inner side Hwam 2600 series
£63.47inc. VAT

Glass inner side Hwam 2600 series.

Includes gasket

Glass for Cast Door Hwam 2600 series
£142.80inc. VAT

Glass for cast door on 2600 range of Hwam stoves, Inc gasket, clips and screws

Glass for Glass Door, Hwam 2600 series
£279.17inc. VAT

Glass for glass door on 2600 range of Hwam stoves. Inc. U-section gasket

Door Catch, Hwam 2600 series
£44.93inc. VAT

Locking device inc. screws

For stoves with IHS gen 1. Produced before 01/11/2016

Door Latch and Roller Hwam 2600 series
£25.14inc. VAT

Door latch and roller for Hwam 2600 series.

Inc. screws version 1. (15 mm hole spacing)

Version 1: Side plates fixed with screws in vertical position (From top) Produced before 01/11/2016

Handle Hwam 2600 Series, Black
£34.48inc. VAT

Handle for Hwam 2600 Series, Black. (Old model door)

Complete including spring and tight fit bolt.

Control Knob, Hwam 2600 series
£27.94inc. VAT

Air adjustment control knob for Hwam 2600 series

Stainless steel including screw

Ashpan including Gasket for Hwam 2600
£61.60inc. VAT

Ashpan inc gasket in black for Hwam 2600 range

Ashpan inc gasket for Hwam 2600 series
£61.60inc. VAT

Ashpan inc gasket in grey for Hwam 2600 range

Automatic Box Complete
£175.47inc. VAT

Automatic, Complete with lifting cord, regulator handle, console with bimetal, gaskets and screws. Version 1

Baffle Plate Steel for Hwam 2600
£49.47inc. VAT

Baffle Plate Steel for Hwam 2600 series

Skamolex Set for Hwam 2600
£121.33inc. VAT

Skamolex set Hwam 2600 series. Version 1 without side glass

Door Rope Seal
£67.14inc. VAT

Door rope seal set for Hwam 2600 series. Modern and Classic

Glass and cast door incl glue

Grate, Cast iron
£61.60inc. VAT

Grate, cast iron combustion cahmber inc. grate.

Skamolex Set
£166.67inc. VAT

Skamolex set for Hwam 2600 series Version 1

Skamolex brick set for stoves with side glass

including skamolex baffle plate and rear plate with gasket

Locking Device Comp Autopilot Only
£32.83inc. VAT

Locking Device Complete For Autopilot Stoves Only

Skamolex set 2600 Ver.2 2014 onwards
£132.50inc. VAT

Skamolex set for the 2600 series, the version 2 is for stoves made after 1st November 2014.

The set also includes the smoke plate.